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14th February 2017

Today was Customer Appreciation day at Subway restaurants -buy a large drink and walk away with a free 6″ sub. We didn’t feel very appreciated and here’s the email I sent to Subway explaining why…

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25th of January 2017

You don’t have to have nothing before you can feel fed up. You don’t need to fall apart before you matter.

I hope my children know that if something is upsetting them, then it matters. It always matters.

And I hope that you know that too.

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20th of January 2017

Dearest Diary Today started with the usual, notorious feeling of panic in my chest. Another day. Twenty four more hours. These days, they just keep coming. I have high hopes for the following day the night before. I sit in my comfy pyjamas, the security of the walls of my home surrounding me. Peaceful sleeping… Continue reading 20th of January 2017