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14th February 2017

Dearest Diary,

Today centered around sharing the love. Saint Valentine started it way back when, Cupid has encouraged it ever since.. but in 2017, Subway has ended it. 

To whom it may concern,

Myself and a friend were extremely happy when we heard that your customer appreciation day offer fell during our childrens halfterm school holiday.
We went to our local branch today with two very excited children (a subway is kinda a big deal for them, like more than McDonalds.) We grabbed a 500ml bottle of water each to purchase in exchange for our free 6″ subs and swaggered over to the prep counter.. mummy half term brownie points are hard to acquire and today Subway, we were earning them big time!
On ordering we were told we could only choose from plain white or brown bread -deep breath, fair enough, we understand each franchise is different and it is a free lunch after all. So after quickly ignoring the mention of brown bread, we then ordered two veggie patties on white -we were then told that there were no veggie patties left, cue stamping feet from said (now unhappy) children.
We managed to talk them into cheese and salad (this was no mean feat) but were then told that there was no sweetcorn, no shredded carrot and not enough plain cheese for both sandwiches… Oh dear not as ‘delightful’ as anticipated. (In interest of clarity they were offered a jalepeno and onion option.. yeah.)
We left with a cucumber and bread sandwich and a cheese and limited amount of lettuce sandwich and two very teery eyed children. Not a great end to the special day we’d planned.
The promise of your sandwiches were the reason our children had behaved all day, the thought of missing out on their treat had turned them into angels. These angels were let down and now we’re expecting tomorrow to be horrific.
Subway, we love that you were helping us out with a free lunch, but we didn’t feel very appreciated today and nor did our children.
……….. …………..
Tried & unappreciated mum
*Before publication Subway got intouch, apologised and offered myself and my friend 500 subway points each (the equivalent of a 6″ sub) to redeem on our next vist*

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